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Dear WKF Members,

On behalf of Grandmaster In Sun Seo and World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association, we would like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU for participating in the 2011 World Kido Federation Member Summit!
The event was a great success because of one reason -- you. Your collective energy, enthusiasm and leadership this past weekend enabled us to showcase our organization's greatest asset: the strongest, most supportive network of martial artists in the world. Every interaction we witnessed, whether in the lobby or on the mat, underscored what it means to be a WKF member -- a martial artist who represents not only unparalleled technical skills and ability, but one who proactively engages, supports and collaborates with fellow members, and thus embodies what is best about Korean martial arts and World Kido Federation.
In addition, Grandmaster Seo was very happy to teach and spend time with all of you. He asks that you always remember to take pride in the fact that you are a member of the premiere Martial Arts organization in the world, one with true vision and continuing innovative spirit, as exemplified by the planning of the Martial Arts Olympics, our goal of expanding to over 100 countries and our aim to establish a centralized hapkido training facility in Korea. We need every one of you to take an active part in making all this a reality.
In closing, thank you once again and remember to always train and strive to be the best martial artists and person you can be!
WKF Member Summit Committee

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Volume 1 of the 2011 SUPER SUMMER INTERNATIONAL KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS SEMINAR with special guest instructors and supporters from all over the world. Featuring advertisements, articles, letters of support and photos with descriptions of training events, ceremonies, entertainment and awards presentations.


World Kido Federation-Hanminjok Hapkido 2011 Summit featuring Chairman Grandmaster In Sun Seo

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Hey Robert! I wanted to send you some good news! The final numbers came in for your cover last year. Your cover was our 2nd bestseller all year! Right behind our first ever women’s issue (which we did promote quite a bit!) So your cover was very well received! Congratulations!! This is great news!!

Laura Stolpe Managing Editor TaeKwonDo Times

Monday October 12, 2009 Hello Robert! You have been selected into our Hall of Fame this year! Your official recognition will be Master of the Year. This will be in the January 2010 edition.  Congratulations! We are honored to have you!

Sincerely, Laura Stolpe Managing Editor TaeKwonDo Times

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